Under the Mistletoe

The mistletoe is a very basic looking plant that has been transformed into a classic, elegant looking symbol of the holidays.  I’ve always wanted to hang a real mistletoe during the holidays so, since I’m hosting our family Christmas gathering, I’ve decided that i’m going to finally have my mistletoe. 

I ordered a Mistletoe & Holly Sprig from Mistletoe.com. Mistletoe.com offers mistletoe and holly sprigs at a responsible price.  The mistletoe & holly sprig that I ordered cost a total of $17.86. The sprig was $12.99. At the time of my purchase, mistletoe.com had a promo for 10% off and shipping cost me $6.17.

There’s a folklore behind the kissing under the mistletoe tradition. You can gain some extra knowledge by reading about the history of the mistletoe at:

Remember: Pucker up, its bad luck to decline a kiss when you’ve passed under the mistletoe.
Happy Holidays to You & Yours,


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