Red Cardinal Christmas Tree

Are you the type of person who likes to decorate your Christmas Tree differently every year? Well, I am! This year I wanted to do something uncomplicated but jaw dropping. In the past, I’ve tried to stay away from the traditional red theme. But really, what color says Christmas better than red? It’s so vibrant and festive! My workplace introduced red cardinal ornaments as a part of this year’s Christmas collection. I fell in love the moment I saw them. The red cardinals on the tree remind me of the boxed holiday cards. The cardinals were originally $60 for 12. Wow, at that rate, the cardinals were going to cost more than my tree! Fortunately they went on sale for 50% off so I purchased 24 and added some holly berries.

My husband and I went to Lowe’s and purchased a 8ft Fraser Fir. I bought 4 cans of artificial snow at Walmart for $1.50 each. To my dismay, it doesn’t photograph well. I really, really would like my tree professionally flocked with one of those blower things. 



So, I hear that the Red Cardinal is one of many Christmas symbols.  I did a Google search and came across some interesting writings on the subject. I’m providing links in case you’re curious.

I’m torn, I’m not sure if this is my favorite Christmas Tree so far. It’s a tie between this year and last year.  I’m definitely pleased with it and my son thinks it’s beautiful and that’s really all that matters!

Have a Safe & Fun Holiday,

Want to see last year’s Christmas Tree?


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