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                                                                                                                      written by: Dannielle Walker

Being natural is a way of life, but for some, becoming natural can be quite the challenge. That’s how Nakia Amour’s journey began.  She set out on a quest to provide a better solution to managing perplex hair types.  Nakia’s dedication to create a natural hair care product lead to the start of Nakia Amour Natural Hair Care Products. I had an opportunity to chat with Nakia to talk about how she got her start in the Natural Hair Care industry and what she has planned for the future.


  • Dannielle:  Hello Nakia! Thank you so much for granting me the opportunity to feature you and your company.
  • Nakia: Dannielle, thank you for the opportunity. I love to share and motivate others to action.

  • Dannielle: I know that your natural hair lead you to start your company, Id like to ask what moved you to transition to the natural hair club?
  • Nakia:  Well Dannielle it was simple curiosity. I saw a woman one day with curls that danced in the wind. The way her hair moved and graced her crown was alluring and I couldn’t stop starring. It was then when I decided to give my natural hair a try. I wanted to see what my hair would look like without the use of chemicals. I got my first relaxer at the age of 10 and my mom had always taken excellent care of my hair. We stuck to old school methods like oiling the scalp, protective styling and roller sets, lol. There was no sitting in a beauty salon, we were the salon. Mom felt it was important for my sister and I to know how to care for our hair ourselves. I’m glad she did because I believe that’s what made my transition seemly easy.
          • Dannielle:  From what I understand, Natural is considered hair that has not been permanently modified. Depending on who you ask, hair coloring is/is not considered natural. What’s your take on hair coloring?
              • Nakia:  Well Dannielle, although I don’t use color I like for people to have choices and there are several varieties of hair color. I see color as an accessory for people and it allows an optional way to express themselves. I don’t see anything wrong with coloring if it’s properly applied to “healthy hair” by a colorist. Applying color to weak, brittle or damaged hair will cause hair to weaken and fall out. Opt for ammonia and peroxide free color whenever possible or try henna which is a natural hair tint. Remember to condition and moisturize as well.
                  • Dannielle:  Nakia, there is an array of natural hair products available on the market, what ignited your desire to create a product of your own?
                    • Nakia:  Dannielle when I transitioned to natural in 2008 there were very few products on the market. I got frustrated because I couldn’t get the look I wanted and moisture at the same time, so I started experimenting at home.
                      • Dannielle:  At what point did you feel that your product was good enough to sell and how did you make your first sell?
                        • Nakia:  Initially selling never crossed my mind, it wasn’t until I got approached several times and asked “what I used on my hair”. Only then did I began to entertain the idea of starting a business. I allowed people to try the products as I developed them. This served as my research and development (R & D) and I knew from their feedback the products were ready for market. I made my first sell at the Duafe Natural Hair, Health and Wellness Expo.
                            • Dannielle:  What’s your favorite product from your collection and what other products do you carry in your line?
                                • Nakia:  All of them, lol. They all work together to give my hair what it needs, but if I was stuck on an island and only given one hair care item, it would be the Nakia Amour Curl Enhancing Gel. I absolutely love the Curl Enhancing Gel! It was the answer to my hair type. An unscented, light weight, moisturizing hair gel that didn’t leave my hair hard and crunchy. Other products in the line include a Black Soap Shampoo with Tea Tree, Moisturizing Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Pre-Conditioning Hair Oil and Moisturizing Hair Butter Crème, all of which are unscented and can be purchased at
                                    • Dannielle: Can we expect to see any additions to the line-up in the future?
                                        • Nakia:  Absolutely, with the release of our Moisturizing Hair Butter Crème last fall we’re on track to bring even more Nakia Amour goodness to market. I’m still in aw of how much customers love this butter.
                                            • Dannielle: Nakia, I added this section to this blog as a way of inspiring and motivating others with success stories from people who are right here in our community. What advice would you give the readers to encourage them to follow through with their passion?
                                                • Nakia: I encourage whomever is reading this to find out what your passion is. If you do not know, take a moment and think about what service people seek you out for? Is it advice, proofing, cooking/baking, style tips, finance information, fixing things, etc? What do you like to do, so much that you would do it for free? Take some time to sincerely consider and find out what your talent or passion is and write it down. Once it’s written and you have mulled over it, pray and ask if this is the path for you? Think about some of the sacrifices you may have to make such as family time,business expenses (business license, DBA, franchise taxes, attorney fees, insurance) and self time. Self time is huge, you may have to sacrifice self time for the business to progress and it’s important to know that. Also note you should be in a good place mentally as well so you can focus. If you have a family, discuss the business with your spouse and children and how it may affect them. If everyone is in agreement , put the plan into action and step into your destiny. If you’re afraid, do it afraid. If you don’t have everything in place, use what you have. If you feel that you don’t measure up, do your research and move forward, God will send whatever it is you need at the time. I want to emphasize making a plan for a second. Make a plan to succeed by doing your research in the area you plan on stepping into. Don’t hop into a business recklessly. Prepare appropriately by writing out a business plan and double checking that plan with your state Small Business and Technology Development Center. If you live in Little Rock, AR, visit the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center. This is a free service and they have people with business backgrounds that can help you win. Remember faith without work is dead, you must do the work. Answer your call and be obedient, God bless.
                                                  • Dannielle:  Nakia, thank you so much for giving back in a way that will help to inspire and motivate others. May God continue to bless you with an avalanche of success! 

                                                  If you’re a part of the natural hair movement, I highly encourage you to give Nakia Amour Natural Hair Care Products a try. Checkout Nakia’s event page on her website! Grab your friends and head out to attend the next product sampling!

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