25 days til Christmas 

The Christmas season is upon us, and what better way to get prepared to fully enjoy the holiday than to plan out your activities ahead of time. 

I’ve created a Printable list to inspire you to get started!

25 days until Christmas list


Here are a few other ideas you may want to try:

  1. Review the True meaning of Christmas 
  2. Christmas Pajama Night
  3. Write & Act Out a Family Christmas Play
  4. Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  5. Create DIY Christmas Cards
  6. Make a Christmas Photo StoryBook (add photos from every year)
  7. Christmas Ornament Hunt (just like Easter Egg Hunting)
  8. Make a Homemade DIY Gift
  9. Have a Snowball fight
  10. Go Ice Skating 
  11. Visit a Tree Farm (tree cutting, holiday activities)
  12. Choreograph a Christmas Music Video 

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Certain Christmas songs take me back to memories of record players, egg nog, card games and just plain old fun times. 

Filling your home with the nostalgic melodies of the Christmas season is the ultimate way to get into the Christmas spirit. I’m gifting you with a Christmas Song Playlist that’s sure to have you getting your groove on. 

I hope you enjoy!!


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The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Does anyone know where The Ugly Christmas Sweater idea came from? Well there’s an article on Time’s website titled A Brief History of The Ugly Christmas Sweater. You can give it a read if you would like to and take from it what you want.

I’ve only had the opportunity to attend 2 Ugly Christmas Sweater events. I enjoyed them both.  The question I have is, what classifies a Christmas Sweater as ugly! At both of these Ugly Christmas Sweater events there was a contest for the ugliest Christmas sweater. I think I won second or third place the first time and didn’t place at all the second time. The puzzling part for me is that I didn’t think any of the Christmas sweaters were ugly. That’s not ugly, that’s creativity in my opinion!!!!

You may have plans to host or attend an Ugly Christmas Sweater affair, so I’ve curated a Pinterest collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters that you can gain inspiration from. Go by and check it out!  I hope you enjoy!!

ugly christmas sweater


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DIY Thankful Tree

I come from a fairly large family. My mom’s parents have 8 children and all those children have children and so on and so on. My mom and her children and one of my uncles are the only ones that live in the south. Everyone else lives in Chicago. A large number of us got together and rented a Lake House and a few condos in Hot Springs Arkansas for Thanksgiving 2014.

I went to the thrift store looking for tea cups and saucers for an informal tea party the adult ladies and myself were having.  I came across this little skimpy plant and automatically thought to use it as a DIY Thankful Tree, a centerpiece for our Johns Family Holiday Dinner. During our stop at Walmart I bought tags to hang from the branches and wrote everyone’s name on them. Oh, it wasn’t anything fancy, although this idea can be.  If I had the time and supplies this could’ve really been something! At dinner time everyone was looking through the tags for their name. Dinner was great and memories were formed.

Thankful Tree

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Road Trip 

It’s been one heck of a year I tell you.  A lot of work and little to almost no play for both my husband and I. Ideally, I wanted to take a summer vacation to a beach, but we weren’t able to make that happen this year. With 2015 nearing its end, we felt like we had to get something in before the year comes to a close.

It’s football season and my husband really enjoys football. I’ve been wanting to get back to Dallas so I came up with… Dallas Cowboys Football Game. I purchased tickets for my husband and I to attend the Dallas Cowboys vs the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. I lived in Dallas for many years and had the opportunity to attend every professional sports game the city offers. This is my husband’s first time attending a professional football game and visiting the city of Dallas.

Since Dallas is only about a 4hour drive from where we live, we made it a road trip! It’s a Sunday night and the game is nationally televised! The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was electrifying.

  • Tickets – Ticketmaster
  • Parking – Ticketmaster
  • Hotel – Omni Hotel Downtown Dallas (2 night stay)

Dallas Cowboys – AT&T Stadium 

Upon entering the stadium, I stopped at the Pro Shop and purchased a Dallas Cowboys cap. Of course we were going to act as though we were diehard Cowboy fans for 3 1/2 hours.  Needless to say we didn’t bring the Cowboys any luck… They lost again.


The stadium is absolutely amazing. It’s an 80,000 seat capacity stadium with a retractable roof.  The Jumbotron will leave you speechless. This facility houses so many cool things to see and do. If you’re ever visiting Dallas be sure to take a tour of Jerry’s World.

Omni Hotel Downtown Dallas

The View from our room on the 23rd Floor

Reunion Tower (Dallas Landmark) – at night Reunion Tower displays dancing light patterns that change colors for special occasions. It houses a revolving restaurant and an observation deck.    

We had to take a room with two queen beds even though we made reservations two months in advance. It wasn’t bad after all, it gave me a place to toss my luggage and things.


Electric Mirror – Maybe I’m late and out of touch. I’ve stayed in some very nice hotels before but I’ve never seen a television built into the bathroom mirror.

The Pool (Day and Night) – because of the season we weren’t able to enjoy the pool. There were people in the hot tub but I know I would’ve froze to death getting out. There is a poolside bar/restaurant called Uptown Terrace and a cozy fire pit with seating.

Dallas Skyline

Nightcap by the fire

We really enjoyed our short rendezvous.  We think its important to duck-off and enjoy time with one another, even if it’s just reserving a room at a nice local hotel for a night or two. Our plan is to make our next trip sometime after Christmas to Miami to see the Heat in action! Neither of us have ever been to Miami so it will make a grand adventure!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you about my road trip!


Christmas  TREEssentials

It use to be common practice for me to put the Christmas Tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but since I’m working full time now, it’s whenever my next off day is after Thanksgiving. I immensely enjoy preparing for the Christmas holidays. Last year’s theme was All Gold Everything. Our gifts were even wrapped in gold glittered wrapping paper. I’ve compiled my list of Christmas TREEssentials in order to stay on task with this year’s scheme.

  • Christmas Tree

Picking a Christmas tree is all about personal preference.  Wether you prefer a Live, Fresh Cut or Artificial tree is your choice. There are different species to decide from when you’re ready to settle upon the genetic makeup of your tree. I purchased my first fresh cut tree last year. It was a Frasir Fir. We made sure to keep it watered and nourished, therefore there was no mess. We loved it. It was tall and full and it made our home feel and smell a lot like Christmas. It was definitely the focal point of the room.

  • Tree Stand

Choose a tree stand that is the correct size for you tree to prevent it from toppling over. You’ll need a deep tree stand that holds water if you decide on a fresh cut tree.

  • Tree Skirt

Use a tree skirt to hide the unsightly tree stand. You can purchase a tree skirt or create your own. They are really easy to make. I purchased a faux fur material from Joann’s to use as a tree skirt.

  • Ornaments and Garlands

The ornaments are your tree’s jewelry. You can opt to showcase an assortment of ornaments, go for a themed arrangement or make DIY ornaments that could be adopted as a family Christmas tradition. Last Christmas I draped the tree with a matching ribbon as a garland.

  • Lights

I don’t know which one is my favorite… still lights or dancing lights. I guess it all depends on the mood I’m in and as long as they’re not multi colored.

  • Tree Topper

Top your tree off with the perfect crown. Go with a traditional angel or step out side of the box with something unusual.

Last year’s Christmas was epic.  The plan is for this year to be even better.  I’m hosting Christmas this year and I can vision a flocked tree filled with red cardinals.

2 questions for you:

  1. Do you prefer a live or artificial tree?
  2. Do you use the same ornaments every year?

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Thank You for following TheDIYShow.com

Thank you for Following TheDIYShow.com

DIY blog

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who follows or has visited TheDIYShow.com. Blogging is not one of my strongest attributes, but I have a deep passion for crafting. Crafting is my therapy! This blog provides me with an outlet to share some of my crafting adventures with a larger audience. When I first began blogging, it was a way for my WABG audience to get more information on a craft that I demonstrated on the show. After I was no longer doing the show, I continued the blog because the crafting never ceases.

Everywhere you look there’s a blog of some caliber, so I want to express how genuinely grateful I am that you take the time to stop by to see what I have going on.

Im crazy excited about some upcoming blog posts I have scheduled to share with you.  I’ve been trying to figure out ways to get you to engage with me more with your comments. I would like to chat with you and you can let me know what you think about things! By all accounts, this is a blog!!! In most cases you’ll find the option to comment at the end of a blog post. If not, scroll to the top of the blog posts and you’ll find the option to comment there. I’ll start the conversation by saying, “Hi!”

Thank You again for your company. It really means the world to me!




DIY Fabric Book Covers

I can remember recovering my text books with lined writing paper back when I was a school girl.  I had no idea then that covering books would become a design trend.  I admit,  I think I was doing it out of sheer boredom.   If you happen to have a library in your home then of course you’re going to arrange your books as eye-pleasingly as possible.  But if you don’t have that luxury,  just 3 to 4 books strategically placed can make a statement in a space.

I made a visit to the thrift shop on the hunt for books to remix.  The thrift store in my community sells books for only .50 – $1.00. I purchased 3 in different sizes to make a trio of DIY Books covered with fabric and leather.

So, I’m sitting down with my craft supplies and a stack of books and my son comes over and says, “Mom, are you disrespecting books!” I explained to him that I wasn’t destroying the book, but making the outside cover prettier. Im really proud that he appreciates books.


  • Books
  • Paper or Fabric to wrap them in
  • Mod Podge
  • Tongue Depressor or Credit Card
  • Hot Glue Gun

  1. Place your book opened flat on the fabric. Cut out enough fabric to cover the book. Don’t forget to consider the fold or the crease.
  2. Begin at the front book flap and add a coat of Mod Podge and cover with fabric. Smooth it over with the tongue depressor.
  3. Cut slits in the corners to fold the fabric easier. Hot Glue the fabric to the book.
  4. Once that side is finish cover the backside of the book with mod Podge and repeat the steps above.




DIY Book Covers are such an easy and stylish way to add accents to your space.  I used a combination of polyester, linen and leather. I really favor the linen.


Yes! I had to use the leather swatches!  For the story on the leather swatches visit here.

Use this idea to personalize a journal or your favorite book. There are so many different styles of fabrics in a range of colors, patterns and textures that you could go crazy with ideas for DIY Book Covers. A black leather cover with silver spikes would be haute in a metro loft! Just think about it-  you can even paint the hardcover books with acrylic paint to create your own look.

What are you thinking about covering your books with to upstyle your space?

Thank you for stopping in to checkout my DIY Book Covers!


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DIY Gold Sharpie Coffee Mug

I saw a project on Pinterest where you could write on a coffee mug with a sharpie and bake it in the oven to make it permanent. I gave it a try and after following the instructions, the words wiped right off. I guess you can consider that a Pinterest Fail for me.

If you’re wanting to customize your favorite coffee mug, buy a Gold Sharpie paint pen!


I really like the idea of writing words, phrases and illustrations on coffee mugs. There are so many neat things you can draw and say. I didn’t do this DIY Gold Sharpie Coffee Mug sooner because my handwriting sucks! My co-worker Megan has beautiful penmanship so I asked her to write Mrs. Walker for me with the gold sharpie in Meganscript. I allowed it to sit overnight. The next morning I cleaned it gently with mild dish soap and then placed it in the microwave to heat water for tea. Well, the gold sharpie survived 1 minute in the microwave!


I wouldn’t recommend using the dishwasher. A gentle wash should do the trick.
I’m in love with this simple remix! My immediate thought is to have some DIY Gold Sharpie Coffee Mugs made as gifts for the coffee and tea drinkers in my circle. A gold sharpie and a coffee mug is all you need to say the right words! And, there are so many right words to say!

So, Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?

Thanks for stopping in to see my DIY Gold Sharpie Coffee Mug!


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