DIY Tiki Torch Stand

I have this thing for the elements!
One of the Fire Elements for my patio Project are these Ugly Blue Tiki Torches. I purchased them in their original state and then I unfavorably painted them blue. Bad choice!


I like the fact that they represent the element of fire with a convenient refillable lamp oil container and a wick that seems to last a lifetime. These were made to be staked into the ground but I’m dealing with a concrete patio makeover, so it’s time to improvise.

I was thinking that I could make these work by giving them a foundation and that those Stepping Stone Kits sold at Hobby Lobby would do the trick.


The Kit was regularly priced at $10.99. I used a 40% off coupon which made it less than $7. The Kit comes with a 8″ square mold but this was going to look really silly as a base for the small tiki torch pole. I used the thingy from the CDs & DVDs.

Mix according to directions


I poured an equal amount into both containers and allowed the mixture to thicken a little before inserting the tiki torches


I allowed it to sit overnight and the next morning I was able to pull it right out of the mold.

I gave them an update with Wrought Iron colored spray paint.


So what do you think?
I love the way it turned out!! The base has enough weight to help it withstand the wind also.

I can’t wait to get this project completed so I can share it with you! Hopefully you’ll be inspired to create your own At-Home Retreat on a Budget as well!!

Now on to the other elements to complete this patio project.

Thanks for stopping by,

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2 thoughts on “DIY Tiki Torch Stand

  1. anisa says:

    Nice. It came out beautiful. I love tikki torches and have a couple outside 🙂 Thanks for sharing this one! A must try!!! I’ll post pics soon 🙂

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